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Alyssa Joy is an artist from ​ᒥᓵᐢᑲᐧᑑᒥᓂᕁ​ (misâskwatôminihk), or Saskatoon, on Treaty 6 territory. 

She specializes in acting, singing, and creation within the realm of musical and physical theatre.


Her artistic adventures has granted her the fortune of touring Canada coast-to-coast, and in addition to Saskatoon, she has lived in Edmonton, Calgary, Montréal, and Toronto. She attended the Belen Festival in  Iquitos, Peru with The Gesundheit Institute! and Clowns Sans Frontières, and is an alumna of both  Canada World Youth's Young Leaders In Action Program and EQWIP HUBs, in which she spent a total of seven months overseas in Bénin and Ghana, working with youth-driven projects.

She is an alumna of Grant MacEwan's Theatre Arts Program, École de Clown et Comédie Physique Francine Côté, and the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. She is grateful to have been nominated for a SATAward for Outstanding Leading Performance for Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead and a Calgary Critter Award Nomination for Featured Actress in a Musical in Evil Dead: The Musical. For her theatre resume, click here.

Alyssa considers herself extremely privileged as someone from a settler family who was raised on uncultivated open prairie in rural Saskatchewan. She strives to approach her work with a sense of openness and possibility.  While she has a deep love for Canada's larger cities, she also sees the need for rural areas to have access to arts education programming. A part of her career focus is on encouraging this development across the prairies.

Despite the number of photos of herself on this website, Alyssa tries to humbly approach her work in the hopes it may transform audiences and communities for the better. She is committed to the healing intention behind reconciliation, and is indebted to the ancestral caretakers of the land she was raised on. She does her best to honour and respect our ongoing relationship we have with the Earth, and the ongoing relationships we have with one another in our ever-changing experience.


She wishes you peace, health, and safety especially during this time of COVID. 


Last updated 2020


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