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2013 Calgary Critic's Award Nominee - 

Best Supporting Actress- Alyssa Billingsley for Annie & Shelly in Evil Dead : The Musical

"... notable is Alyssa Billingsley, in a double role as a bar pickup and the academic’s daughter, who does impressive work"
-- Calgary Herald


"Alyssa Billingsley. . . has the show’s best number. . . and boy does Billingsley make it a show-stopper"
--Calgary Sun

"Alyssa Billingsley as Annie the sexy cabin owner does a fabulous turn . . . Added on to her talents are singing pipes that are clear and strong and a joy to listen to. "
 --Applause Meter


"Pure dynamite. . . Billingsley has the show's best number. . .and makes it a genuine show stopper"
--Calgary XL 103 FM 


"Alyssa Billingsley. . .steals the show with her magnetic personality and a song about what happens to each of her characters. "

--Edmonton Vue Weekly 



"Billingsley, who takes on multiple small roles, steals the show with a song about how annoying it is to die in every play."

--Edmonton Journal 


''This show has a powerhouse performance from Alyssa Billingsley as Carrie whose voice is so huge that she belted her first song with no mic and was heard clear as a bell above the band. The duets between Billingsley and Amanda Neufeld (Carrie's Mother) alone are worth the price of admission.  ''
--Finster Finds



''However, the actresses that stood out the most for me were Alyssa Billingsley and Amanda Neufeld as Carrie and Margaret White, respectively. They embodied the roles of sheltered misfits and overly-protective mothers. Every ounce of emotion came across beautifully. The standout song 'And Eve Was Weak' was compellingly sung by this duo.''
-- Audience Review 


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